• Wades-Word-Mitch

    Striving to Serve More Families

    Opening the 90-bed family shelter last year was the culmination of years of planning and work, but we knew when it opened that we would need to do much more. As the housing and homelessness crisis deepens in Los Angeles and in the San Fernando Valley, the need for solutions is growing quickly and it…

  • Holiday-Main

    A Special Kind of Store

    For one day only, part of the Every Nation City Church becomes a very special shop where our families, past and present, can ‘shop’ for Holiday Gifts. The idea came to us a few years back when we saw how happy parents were to be able to give a gift, no matter how small, to…

  • Wades-Word

    Wade’s Word: More Guests, More Thanksgiving Blessings

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as you read this, we will be in our state-of-the-art kitchen whipping up dinner for 750 of our dear friends and neighbors. In case you are curious what that takes, here is a partial shopping list: 400 pounds of Turkey 75 loaves of bread 375 pounds of mashed…

  • Thanksgiving at the Mission

    At Thanksgiving, no one should go hungry in the San Fernando Valley. Around San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission’s tables, there will be poor and homeless men, women, and children – who are out of a job, out of money, or struggling with addictions having their first Thanksgiving on the streets. For these people, real change…

  • Dream-Small

    What if your dream is small?

    Dream big! That’s what we’re supposed to say to our kids and our friends and to the world in general. We’re supposed to pursue audacious goals and work hard to achieve them. I believe in dreaming big, otherwise I’m in the wrong line of work. But, I also believe in dreaming small. Imagine that the…

  • Rescue-Mission-Cynthia-Lemus

    SFV Rescue Mission Forges New Bonds with CSUN

    The facility, just blocks from campus, has allowed the partnership between the Rescue Mission and CSUN to develop even greater synergy. The university’s Unified We Serve group funnels scores of student and staff volunteers to the Rescue Mission, where they play with the children and assist with homework, serve meals and coordinate clothing drives. Click…

  • 2Photo_ProgramHighlight_CynthiaLemuswithchild

    Parenting Class – Incentives Program

    Through our collaboration with the Master in Social Work program at California State University Northridge, we host weekly parenting classes focused on empowering parents and supporting the whole family. Cynthia Lemus, a first year MSW student, co-leads the classes. To support parents, Cynthia created an incentives program that rewards children for positive behaviors and promotes…

  • bikes2

    Recycled Bicycles Bring Hope

    Fleet Street Bicycles has been a community fixture for several years, offering bicycle repair and refurbishing as well as bicycle safety education. Fleet Street’s bicycle mechanics include residents of Pacific Lodge Youth Services in Woodland Hills who are trained by dedicated volunteers. The young men ages 13 to 18 are in the juvenile justice system

  • James-for-Web

    Pint-Sized Super Hero Makes a Huge Difference

    By day, mild mannered James is as you would expect a four-year-old to be; bright, cheery, active and busy at school and play. But what many don’t know is that he has a not-so-secret identity: He is Action Movie Kid! James’ dad, Daniel Hashimoto is a visual effects artist who cleverly animates his son’s antics…

  • Photo_Volunteer-Highlight_RAQUEL-BULCHER-PHOTO

    Volunteer Shining Star: Raquel

    Raquel has been a San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission Volunteer since January 2016. She is a shining star in the mission’s kitchen, creating and serving beautiful, healthy meals for the residents. Additionally, she shares her love and kindness to the children, spending quality time with them.

  • Elaine’s Story – A Mother’s Prayer

    Elaine and 7-year-old son Jordon were living in their car with no idea where their next meal would come from…